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Download speeds are integral to keeping your site visitors engaged. Let our digital expert team optimise your site for maximum speed.

Case Study

We like to let our work
speak for itself

Below are the results achieved on divi.agency

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PageSpeed Insights

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Pingdom Tools

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Here is the magic

12 ways we can make
your website fly

We know all the industry secrets for a fast-loading Divi site. From enabling compression
to reducing redirects, our team of engineers will work quickly and carefully to ensure your
website is loading at its’ full potential speed.


Image Compression

We ensure all images are optimally sized for the best view so your website looks and performs great.


Serve Scaled Images

We adjust images to the optimal size dimensions to improve site performance.


Optimize Cache Manager

By optimizing the cache management, we can help improve your overall download speed.


Activate Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network will speed up your loading time all over world.


Lower Requests On Load

We’ll check how many HTTP requests your site currently makes, and adjust requests
accordingly to improve performance.


Difer/Async assets

We make sure to prioritize the needed resources on load, and defer the unneeded ones in order to improve your loading speeds.


Minimize/Combine CSS/JS

Compression of your stylesheets and your Javascript files can drastically increase the overall speed of your website.


Unload Unnessassary scripts

We’ll cover all bases to ensure your site isn’t wasting download speed on unnecessary resources.


Manage Expiring Headers

A good header’s expiration management will lower your download speed time and decrease your request’s number.


Enable GZIP Compressions

GZIP is a standard compression method that aids in reducing the size of your website and speeding up load time.


Avoid Bad Requests

We’ll manually fix bad requests and avoid 404 errors to get your site running quickly.


Minimize Block Rendering

We’ll run tests to ensure nothing is blocking the rendering of your website on load.

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